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clock iconNov 16, 2023

Franchesca Van Buren Featured in Health Care Quarterly

Las Vegas, Nevada — Franchesca Van Buren, the visionary CEO of Insight Therapy Solutions, has been featured in the latest issue of Health Care Quarterly magazine. The article, titled Reaching For Happiness: Your Guide To Combating Sadness and Cultivating Joy, showcases Van Buren’s perspective on mental health and highlights the pivotal role telehealth has played in transforming the industry.

Date: 2023-11-16

Publication: Health Care Quarterly (Vol. 42) – Fall 2023

Dr. Glenn Patrick Doyle Highlighted in Tinybeans Blog

Las Vegas, NV — Dr. Glenn Patrick Doyle, a licensed psychologist specializing in trauma at Insight Therapy Solutions, is highlighted in the most recent release from Tinybeans blog. The piece, named The Best Responses to Every Insulting Thing a Relative Might Say, presents Doyle’s insights on addressing uncomfortable comments during the festive season.

Link to the article:


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