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The Impact of Core Values on Wellness

In the intricate tapestry of interpersonal interactions and social dynamics, it's commonplace to perceive our core values as the essential threads intricately weaving meaning, purpose, and fulfillment into the very fabric of our existence.

Values are commonly defined as the compass guiding our decision-making and shaping the essence of who we are. However, before delving into discussions about the scales of values and the strategies we can employ to understand our own, it is crucial to establish a clear conceptual framework regarding what values, in essence, truly are.

Defining Core Values

Core values are defined as the fundamental pillars that guide our decisions, actions, and behaviors in life. These intrinsic principles act as a set of deeply held beliefs that shape our perception of the world and define everything we consider meaningful.

Core values furnish us with an ethical and moral framework that influences our daily choices and the manner in which we cultivate relationships with others.

Values span a broad spectrum, covering aspects like honesty, integrity, loyalty, and the pursuit of knowledge. Recognizing values involves understanding them as an internal compass guiding our decision-making.

5 strategies to know your scale of values

Understanding our values is crucial. Here, we'll introduce five strategies for gaining self-knowledge about ethics and values.

Keep in mind, everyone is unique and influenced by their experiences.

(If not all these tips resonate with you, that's perfectly fine; self-knowledge involves understanding our differences.)

  • Reflective self-assessment: Reflective self-assessment is a powerful way to explore values. Take time to think about important experiences, identify impactful moments, and recognize your feelings and resonating aspects.
  • Identification of role models: Watching role models can help you discover your values. Identify people admired for achievements, integrity, or positive societal impact. Examine the specific characteristics that inspire you and the reasons for your admiration.
  • Prioritization of activities and time: The way you allocate your time and energy reveals fundamental clues about your priority values. Examine your daily routines and the activities you spend the most time on. What aspects of your life receive your constant attention?
  • Deep questioning: Deep questioning is crucial for discovering your core values. Ask meaningful questions about yourself, exploring beliefs, motivations, and long-term goals. This process goes beyond superficial answers, allowing exploration of your deepest beliefs.
  • Written record: Keeping a journal is a valuable tool for exploring and understanding your values. It acts as a mirror of your mind, capturing experiences and allowing analysis. Writing regularly helps identify recurring patterns in thoughts and behaviors.


Knowing your core values is vital for authenticity and wholeness. Strategies like reflective self-assessment and written journaling serve as beacons, illuminating your values.

Understanding these inner foundations allows you to make aligned decisions, cultivate authentic relationships, and find a deeper sense of purpose. This self-exploration enriches your daily life, empowering you to face challenges with resilience and authenticity.


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